Let’s start by creating a happy place!

So, here it is, my very first post on my nice and new blog.

Let me introduce myself first: I am Poppy, at least this is the name I chose to use for this blog. I live in Denmark with my family, including my husband (a real nerd 🙂 ), our daughter, born in 2009, and our son, born in 2011. The newest family member is a 12-weeks-old choc-labrador girl, sleeping like an angel at my feet and farting gently while she is doing so 🙂

The idea of this blog struck me about 6-7 months ago (I know, it took me long), when I was at the peek of the postpartum depression  that I was diagnosed with shortly after my son was born. This was the time when I started crafting very seriously, considering it as some sort of a therapy. And you know what? It helped. It really did. I started to create my own little things, decorating our home, and while I was doing so, I learnt a lot of new things, including sewing, and slowly-slowly, I started to feel better.

However, at the same time I didn’t have the extra time and energy, to start serious blogging as well. And also… we bought a house. A beautiful, cute little house, in a picturesque  little village, surrounded by forests and fields and cows and horses. So there was about 2-3 months of hard work of packing, cleaning, painting,moving, lifting, thinking, decorating, etc. But now, now things start to fall into their places, and there are no more excuses for me to procrastinate 🙂 It is time to create my virtual happy place 🙂

So what this blog is going to be about? Probably mainly crafting and decorating. My biggest passions are sewing and origami, you will surely get a lot of these two 🙂 Also probably about cooking and baking, which I also like, and baby stuff, and probably our trips and excursions.

I would also like to introduce you to my two biggest helpers (or sometimes barriers 🙂 ).

This is my beautiful baby girl:

And here is her little brother:

Welcome to my happy place!


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