I love to sew balloon pants

Yes, it is true. I love to sew, in general, but sewing balloon pants is my favourite of all 🙂

Actually, balloon pants are the reason I wanted to learn sewing. Because the world is full of cute fabrics for kids, and what do cute fabrics fit better on, than balloon pants?

So when I found this irresistible brown fabric with cars, and the sweet birdie-flowerish-striped-kind of fabric, I knew, what was going to happen. I took the pattern from Minikrea, and made these:


I was very proud of the result, as these two pair of trousers were my very first sewing projects. Even my husband got a little bit surprised, saying: “they look like the ones you buy in the shop!” (always the tone of surprise… 🙂 ).

So I got bloodthirsty: I wanted to make more and more and more and more balloon pants! And I did, I took the cute owl-patterned fabrics, the boy and the girl version of them, I even paid attention to the details, and used an also owlish fabric for lining. The result:


And to include a life-situation photo with a real model, here is some pictures of my son, posing in the owl pants, and wearing the fluffiest bearish knitted vest, made by my Mum (I wish I could knit like her, she is so talented). Our model represents a sporty-elegant style 🙂


Finally, I would like to say thank you to my photo assistant, Miss Laika Troublemaker (yes, she is sitting on top of me on this picture) for her efforts:



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