Have I told you about Grenaa? Guess not…

Well, Grenaa is a little town in Denmark, where my husband’s parents live, where he went to high school, this is where we got married, and where we got our daughter baptised (not our son, since the church was not available for the date – he was baptised somewhere else). To conclude: we love Grenaa 🙂

Since we don’t live that close to any of our parents, brothers, sisters, etc. so that we could see them any time we want to, we try to make it up by travelling a lot, receiving a lot of guests, and be together with our family very intensely those days. In the case of my husband’s parents, we usually visit them once a month, and we spend a whole weekend there.

Just like we did this weekend 🙂

It is really relaxing, especially for me, because the weight of household chores is just lifted off of my shoulders these days 🙂 Obviously, I help out my mother-in-law in the kitchen, and I clean up after the kids, but it’s still not the same as at home, where I have to plan the meals, got the washing machine on the run basically all the time, trash can is waiting to be emptied, so on. Grenaa is just pure relaxation 🙂 We are pampered, my mother-in-law is an amazing cook (meaning very high standards and expectations from my husband’s side, when it comes to dinner…), and probably even a better baker.

We tried something new this weekend. Apple porridge. I mean, it was new to me. My husband used to have apple porridge very often as a kid, but through the years of our relationship, I never had the chance to try this Danish specialty. Until now. To be honest, I was a little bit skeptical to begin with. Apple porridge in itself sounds just fine, but the Danish way, that they simply pour cold milk over it and spoon it into their mouth… well, let me just tell you a little story: when my parents were visiting us in Denmark a few summer ago, and we freshly handpicked some strawberries on the way to visit my in-laws, my husband’s Mum put the strawberries on the table, with some milk and cream. My parents and I looked at each other: what was that supposed to mean? In Hungary we sprinkle some powdered sugar on the strawberries, or top them with whipped cream, what’s the deal with the milk? My own Mum even said, she was not gonna try this combination, because (citation follows) “I don’t feel like spending the whole afternoon on the loo”. Yes, the concept was new to us, but my Dad and I tried it (my Mum did not, see above), and constantly fell in love with the milky strawberries. So this time I was not that surprised by the apple porridge bathed in milk. But I just couldn’t get rid of the mental picture of me spending the rest of the afternoon on the loo 🙂 While I was picturing this, my husband dug in, and expressed his happiness, by saying things like “Oh, this is very good” and “I just got a flashback from my childhood”, and in the meantime our daughter was licking the milk out of her bowl, and meowed occasionally…

Ok, it cannot be that bad -I thought, and tasted the apple porridge with milk. And it was good. Not as good as the strawberries with milk, in my honest opinion, but good 🙂

There was also a very cute episode this weekend. My husband took a few family photos that can be found all over the house, then showed them to Cherry. Cherry is a clever little girl, and she can name everyone on the photos. But genetics played a trick on her this time, when she mixed up my father-in-law’s picture from his time in the military service with my husband, and when she looked at my personal favourite picture, that shows my husband and her big sister when they were very small kids, sitting under a pine tree, holding a pair of cats. She said that it is her and Paddington on the picture 🙂 I remember when I first saw this photo, and thought how sweet and cute my husband was as a baby, and we were surely gonna have some cute kids together. And it turns out we did! Actually we produced the mini copies of my sister-in-law and my husband 🙂


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