Look, I’m crocheting!

It is official now. I have a new thing.

Since I’m still desperately unemployed, I just keep starting new and expensive hobbies. And the new one is crocheting. I mainly blame Pinterest for it… if Pinterest didn’t exist, I had absolutely no idea about the endless possibility of cuteness that lies within crocheting. But I got hooked up by the idea, so I went to my favourite fabric (and now also yarn) shop, and bought my first supplies. I also went to the local library to borrow some teaching material. Here they are, nicely set up, ready to be used. You have to use your imagination and picture a nice big bucket of enthusiasm as well, that is standing right beside the bucket of yarn.

Then I started.

I opened the books. Then I decided to turn to the internet for a little bit of extra help. Yes, as I heard someone once saying it, we live in an age, where girls learn how to crochet from Youtube, and not from their grannies 🙂 So here I was, staring at different video tutorials where each and every one of them did everything completely differently from the others, and I got confused and overwhelmed… But I’m not a quitter, I decided to learn crocheting, and made a commitment by investing a smaller fortune in supplies, so I kept looking, until I found what works the best for me. I mean who works the best for me. It’s Mikey 🙂

Yes, I got myself a male crocheting teacher, and he is great!!! I instantly fell in love with Mikey, grabbed my hook and yarn again and went into war. It was still not easy in the beginning, I clearly remember reaching a point when I felt like crying and throwing the whole thing I was holding in my hands out of the window. But then I tried again and again. Youtube is great, because I could just pause or rewind Mikey whenever I wanted to, and a few watching of the first few lessons later I actually started to come up with something crocheting-like activity.

And check this out, my first sample of simple stitches! I was sooooo proud of myself at this point 🙂

And I went on, along with Mikey, and slowly entered the wonderful world of crocheting. Look at my first sample: it contains all the basic stitches. And yes, it is crocked, it is uneven, it is messy, but it is mine 🙂


Look, a granny square!!!


Look, a circle!!!


Now I felt confident enough to start the real thing. I made a trial for my very first crocheting project: I would like to make a retro circle blanket, following the instructions of Adele. And guess what. Not even 36 hours after I stumbled upon Mikey, I was done with my very first retro circles, yay 🙂


I know, they are still a little bit messy and uneven and everything, but Mikey says that I’m gonna get better at it as I practice, and I believe him!

A lovely, relaxing weekend later, spent at my in-laws, I can proudly present you with the first squares of my very first crocheting project:


I have to say, I’m completely sold. Crocheting is my new craze. I’m already dreaming of soft blankets and stylish beanies and cardigans and and and… More to come, stay tuned 🙂




10 thoughts on “Look, I’m crocheting!

  1. I am very envious of you, I’ve tried many times over the years but cant knit or crochet but, thanks to you, I will give it one more try. The trouble is that being ambidextrous my hands get muddled up and I uncrochet/ unknit what I have already done. I’ll try Mickey!

  2. I have just started to learn to crochet, I am using youtube too . I like the howcast videos the best! Good luck, your doing great

  3. Wow! I can easily see your improvement from the first photos to the last! Way to commit!
    It looks like you’re crocheting only in the back loop for certain things.. is that what your pattern tells you to do? It’d be quite a hard habit to break if you’re doing it on accident!

    • Thank you! Yes, I can see some development too, but it’s clear, I still have a long way to go 🙂
      Yes, the pattern of the retro circles inside the squares asks for only back-loop crocheting. Wow, you must be very good, noticing it 🙂

  4. Love that you committed, love that people are keeping crochet alive. You are doing amazingly well & I think you have found something that your going to be really great at. Can’t wait to see more down the road.
    Happy Thanksgiving to you!

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