Crochet and other beautiful things – and by that I mean, a newborn baby

I have been practicing diligently. I find the best way to do so, is to engage myself in different projects.

My very first crocheting project is the retro circle blanket. I really love making the squares, it is quite relaxing on the evenings. It is also very popular with Cherry, she always crawls up next to me on the sofa, helping me by holding the pieces I am done with, and praising me “Oh, Mummy, this is beautiful. Have you made this?” 🙂 She also emphasized the fact, that she looooves the colours I chose, so I decided, that the blanket is going to be hers, once done 🙂 It is going to be 7*10 squares big, and I am doing quite well, 20 of the squares already being done. Originally I wanted circles of 5 different colours, but obviously Cherry got to pick more, since it’s gonna be her blanket, after all. “Pink is my favourite… but also red and purple and orange!” So I’m gonna include those colours as well 🙂 The more the merrier, ain’t that right?

blanket progress

In the meantime I also started and finished another, tiny little crocheting project too.

Our dear friends welcomed their baby daughter to the world exactly two weeks ago, and today we visited the new little princess and her 4-year-old big brother in their home. I thought that I’m gonna complete the store-bought gifts with something hand-made, and decided to try to make a pair of baby booties for the little girl. I started Thursday evening, and finished it today, literally 2 minutes before we sat in the car to go and visit them. Excellent timing, I would say 🙂

I followed a pattern I found on Bernat, and used some nice, rosey yarn.

baby booties

Aren’t they just the cutest little things? 🙂

tiny booties

Well, I think they are a perfect match for this perfect, beautiful, peaceful and absolutely wonderful baby girl. Tiny booties for a tiny baby 🙂

tiny baby

During our visit she hasn’t cried at all, when I held her she had no weight compared to my kids, and her Mummy was shining of happiness. Little angel 🙂

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