Fabric delivery

I feel like a child on Christmas Day 🙂 Not so long ago a very nice gentleman rang our doorbell, and presented me with the package I have been waiting for for sooo long: My Spoonflower order!


For those of you who are not familiar with it: Spoonflower is the most amazing thing that can happen to fabric! They take your design and turn it into fabric! Luckily for me, being not so good at designing, you can also choose from the thousands of gorgeous designs uploaded by other, very talented people. So I made my picks, built up a nice little stash, and now they are waiting in my “sewing room” to be used. Just look at these beauties…

the stash

I am so excited, have I told you yet? 🙂

girl and boy


8 thoughts on “Fabric delivery

    • Thank you! Oh, if you knew how hard it was to pick them! The website is just full of amazing fabrics, I had to cut back on my choices several times before I made my final order.

    • Thank you 🙂 I am going to use the viking fabric to make some pants for my son, who is a real, Danish viking 🙂 But it’ll sure be very cute as a curtain too!

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