New items in my shop, as I am still crippled

You would think that a bruised littlefinger is not going to stop you going on with your adult, independent life, right? Well, you are wrong. I was wrong.

It is strange, because it’s only a pinkie, such a small, apparently insignificant bodypart. But I had to realise, that since I cannot move it because of the bruises and because I lost most of the skin on it and it is aching and because of the big bandage that by the way also paralyzes my ring finger, I simply cannot hold anything in my right hand. Ok, probably I can hold stuff, but I cannot sew, I cannot crochet, I cannot hold a pair of scissors. I cannot produce anything, and I never thought I was so addicted to these activities…

Ok, lets forget all the luxury of spending my spare time productively and in a creative way: I am struggling in my everyday little things.I cannot perform single tasks such as cutting vegetables, my husband is slicing everything these days, so I can make some dinner.  I find it hard to brush my hair, to brush my teeth with my left hand, to go to the bathroom, to put on my socks, and I had to ask my husband, to wash my hair, because my finger cannot get in touch with water… such a romantic, bonding experience 🙂

Anyway, enough of me complaining. Luckily I can still type and take pictures, so today I decided to spend my time by putting up some craft supplies for sale in my Etsy shop. Do you like wrapping paper? I know you do, so go and check them out 🙂


etsy collage



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