The Local Flea Market

Yesterday was a big day in our little village of 300 inhabitants: The yearly flea market was held in the premises of the school.

Let me tell you a little bit about this school. There are two types of schools in Denmark, state-schools and private-schools. For a lot of years state-schools dominated, but at some point some cut-backs were necessary in the budget, and numerous state-schools were closed, mostly in small villages, like ours. So the state-school that operated here was shut down about 10 years ago, and you can guess the effect it had on the village: Families with small children moved away to be closer to the school, no new families moved in, the population started to grow old and rare. So, like in many other places, a foundation was set up to start a new, private school in the old building, 3 years ago. Our school has a young inspector (who happens to be our next-door neighbour), many dedicated teachers, classes from 0 to 9, maximum 17 students per class, a sports hall, a playground, and it puts a big emphasis on creativity, music, and motion. With the reopening of the school life, new, young families, children returned to the village. The school is about 200 metres from our doorsteps, and was a very highly weighted factor when we were contemplating buying the house. It is in our, and everyone’s interest, that the school is running nicely. But of course, being a private school, it doesn’t get financial help from the state. It is dependent on the foundation and all the help of the parents: donations, weekends spent by parents working on the playground, or cleaning the school.

The flea market is organised by the school’s support association, and parents do all the work on it. We don’t belong to this group of parents yet, as our children are too young for school, but in a few years we are going to be one of them, so we decided to help out with the market. We donated a few things we don’t need anymore (unused, outgrown toys, clothes, etc.), my husband helped unloading all the trailers that kept coming with all the stuff for 3 days, and I helped organising, pricing and selling them. It was great fun, a good way to meet new people, and had a good meaning to it: every penny earned by the flea market goes to the school. Last year they raised a huge amount of money, and I don’t have this year’s figures yet, but I think it was very successfull again.

flea market

Also, I am a sucker for flea markets. I love to go and look and find hidden treasures, plus save some money. Being part of the “crew” meant that we could all take a good look at the selection in forhand, choose our favourite items, and put them aside for ourselves.

Let me introduce you to my new baby: A beautiful, perfectly working Columbine II sewing machine 🙂


She was a very hard choice, because she had to fight for me with an older Singer and a Husqvarna model, but she won, and came home with me after I paid some ridiculous amount for it.

My other favourite find is this charming, old breadcutter, as you can see it on the logo, the manufacturer is an official supplier of the Danish Royal Court. My breadcutter could be exactly the same as the Queen’s 🙂 Anyway, I am not sure I’m going to use it for cutting bread or just for keeping my cooking books on it…


4 thoughts on “The Local Flea Market

    • Thank you Mandy! I also love these kind of events. Now I am officially member of the board for the Support Association, I am the new cashier (exciting), and the next thing we organise for the school is a festival at the end of August. I am looking forward to it!

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