London, Baby!

My husband and I, as a couple, have not many chances to spend quality time alone. Grandparents and other family being so far away, and baby-sitting not really being a costum in Denmark, we cannot go on date-nights, we cannot spend a weekend away, just the two of us, and don’t even mention travelling…

The last time we were somewhere together, was about 3,5 years ago, the summer Cherry was very little, and my sister-in-law and her boyfriend took care of her for a weekend at their home in Copenhagen, while my husband and I flew to London and spent two days in this wonderful city. It was a nice, eventful and romantic trip, with theatre, fantastic weather, lots of sightseeing and shopping. We loved London, and we had a wonderful time there. It was also very successful from another point of view… well, how should I put it… hmmm… Have you ever wondered how Paddington got his nickname? Yes, 9 month after London we became parents again šŸ™‚ And this also means that we haven’t been able to go for another trip since then.

But! We have been thinking a lot lately that we really need some away-time soon, and when my parents announced that this year they can spend both Christmas and New Year’s Eve with us in Denmark, living with us for two weeks, leaving us with the possibility of getting away while leaving the kids and the dog to the best persons to take care of them, we took the chance right away. We are going away for New Year’s, yeahhh baby šŸ˜€ Plus, we are going to celebrate our 5th wedding anniversary between Christmas and New Year’s, plus we would like to celebrate our new jobs too. We deserve this! šŸ˜€

Looking at the possibilities from the nearest airport, instead of going somewhere warm, sunny and expensive, we opted for London again (well, cheap flight tickets and short travelling time are hard to argue with šŸ™‚ ). And by this time I already have the hotel booked in the City, we chose the theatre play we would like to watch, and are about to make our choice about where to spend New Year’s Eve.

We are going to have 4 days there. And obviously it is going to involve some shopping (I am already looking for visiting the best bookshop in the whole World – hope we won’t have to pay for a too heavy bagage on the way back…), and probably some sightseeing (we would like to visit HMS Belfast), we will still have a lot of time left to spend in this huge city.

To be honest, we are not the type of people who like to go for the usual tourist thingies. Of course we tried the London Eye last time, but we agreed that we were both too scared to try that again :D, and we would never spend a long time standing in queque just to see a bunch of wax figures, or paintings for instance, just because that’s what tourists do, if you know what I mean. When we are in a different place, we would like to see how it is to live in that place. Instead of the conventional attractions we like to find out what locals do, where do they like to go, how do they spend their free time, etc.

Last time we were in London, we were wandering around in different parks and hidden little streets, along the Thames a lot, but obviously this time it is going to be a little less warm, and probably we should find some indoor activities. As a matter of fact I know, that there are quite a few people reading this blog from the UK, and London itself. So I turn to you šŸ™‚

What are your favourite places, eateries, pubs, bars, hidden little tea- and coffee shops (craft shops, yarn shops šŸ˜‰ ) in London, where do you go with your friends to have some fun, etc?Ā 

Oh, please, feel free to bombard me with your ideas šŸ˜€

I am so excited and so looking forward to this trip šŸ™‚

London Collage

6 thoughts on “London, Baby!

  1. I dont know if they will be open but I would go to Borough Market, food lovers Mecca, the Victoria and Albert Museum, any of the museums in Kensington or the National galleries in Trafalgar Square and of course the Tate. You could try Harrods if you feel up to trying to do the Sales!

    • Thank you for the ideas! I especially like the idea of Borough Market! I would be definately up to the Sales, but I don’t think my husband is ready for that šŸ˜€ We are going to be there from the 30th Dec until 3rd January, and I checked, most of the shops, sights and facilities are open most of these days. And for the sleepy, hangover 1st January, we might spend it on the streets, watching the Parade šŸ™‚

  2. Oooh, I’m excited for you and I live here! Nothing beats London at Christmas time. You should go to Loop Knitting , Liberty of London and I agree with Borough Market. Walking along the South Bank (in front of the National Theatre in the Lodnon Waterloo area) is great around Christmas time. The lights are pretty, the trees are hung with fairy lights and there are wooden huts that sell christmas themed food. Taking a bus ride through Regent Street and Oxford streets to see the lights is also great (and better than trying to walk on the pavement between the hundreds of tourists). If I think of anything else, I’ll let you know šŸ™‚

  3. Make Shop Do is great for drinks and cake. Great soup too. If fabric is your thing Goldhawk Road is excellent with ten plus shops there. Shoreditch has a great market. And don’t forget the lovely estate homes like Kenwood House, located in Hampstead Heath. Hampton Court is a nice train ride away from Waterloo and it’s a beautiful!

    • Thank you, Melizza, I will put your ideas on my list šŸ™‚ Fabric is absolutely my thing, I will just have to find one pc/electronics/gaming shop for my husband somewhere close, so he can also have his time, while I’m looking at fabrics šŸ™‚

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