A little sunshine in the rain



We were very lucky with our house. Not just because we found our dream-house in a nice community, but also because of the previous owners.

This couple were living here for 40 years, all their adult lifes, and now they decided to move closer to their grown up children, and bought a house in Sweden. We had the pleasure to meet them personally: after the first papers were signed, they simply invited us over for a coffee. They turned out to be very nice people, and provided us a lot of useful information about the house, tips regarding the garden. Jonna, the wife, she is amazing, and full of energy, she decorated everything with the finest taste, up to the smallest details. Actually, all these small little things were the final push in our decision of buying, because it all just looked so lovely, you know? 🙂

Also, since they moved from 155 square meters to 70, we had a part in the contract, saying that for the price we pay, they leave some of their furniture behind. And since we moved from 83 square meters to 155, we were very happy for the extra chairs, tables, mirrors, lamps, etc.

Among the leftover furniture we discovered many beautiful things, a few things we didn’t want to keep, and another few that had some promises in them.


Like this little commode, we found in their master bedroom (now divided into two children rooms) and what reminded my husband of the entrance furniture they used to have in his childhood home. We thought it looked very nice, however, bit shabby and dusty, the top part of it covered with fungus stains, and all the drawers coated with some old, ugly paper. I also found some traces of the once probably white painting.

Nothing a little love, sandpaper and paint cannot cure, he? 🙂

So, after about 3 months of procrastinating (or simply because I prioritised other things then this little piece of furniture waiting patiently in the kitchen, under the staircase), I went to war. I dragged poor thing out of the house, into the carport, put up my mask, and started sandpapering. After that it got a layer of white wood paint, leftover from the renovation. The next day, after the white paint got completely dry, things went crazy and colourful 🙂

After living thirty years in the faith that I am not a fan of the colour yellow (I have always been the pink-and-blue type of girl), this summer I was struck by the recognition: I love yellow!!! I don’t know why, but it came very suddenly: when we were planning the decorations and colours for the house, I realised, that I can picture many things in a nice, summer yellow. For example this commode. So I went down to the local paint shop and chose 3 cans of a pretty yellow autolack (which turned out to be just enough for two layers of paint).

The old, shabby little furniture got a new, happy, sunshiny life (whether it wanted it or not), and now standing proudly in my office, providing a pop of colour and a lot of happiness, when I look at it. My office still has a lot to improve (it is seriously under construction), because all the junk and basically everything, we haven’t found a place yet has just been thrown into it since we moved in, but I have a vision about this room and working hard on making it come true 🙂 And my little sunshine commode was the first step in the process 🙂