And another garland…

After I was done with the little heart garland, I still felt, that our living room was too simple and white and empty, even for a Scandinavian living room 🙂

Well, obviously, after a good play from the kids’ side, the living room is far from empty and white and boring, being covered with different toys, buckets, children books, remote controls, pieces of papers, pillows, blankets, sticks that the dog dragged in from the garden, crumbles and orange peels… But that’s just not the style I had in mind.

Anyway, I decided to make another garland, this time a huuuuuge one, to kind of create a frame for the wall behind the couch. So I took some paper scraps I always have, and started to cut out circles of them, while watching TV in the evening.

And I was cutting, and cutting, and cutting and cutting and cutting…


Until I ended up with a sore right hand, and a tray full of colourful circles.

Then (the day after) I began to sew them together with simple stitches, short distances in between them. And I was just sewing and sewing and sewing and sewing… and the pile of circles around my sewing machine just kept growing and growing and growing and growing…

Until I ended up with this:

If I measured it correctly (I used my arm length to do so), the result was about 10 meters of circles, impressive 🙂 Never knew I had so much scraps lying around…

Now all I had to do was to grab a hammer and put a few nails in the wall above the couch. After that I hung up the garland, just to realise that it became a tiny little too long 🙂 I decided to cut it into two, a bigger and a smaller part, and the shorter garland I hung up above the glass door leading to the sunroom. So actually I ended up with two garlands, yay 🙂

I heart the heart garland

Since we only moved in to our house, well, let’s see… 4 month ago, there are still many things that are under progress. I am not talking about my family’s ability of making a terrible, stinky mess all over the place in less than four seconds, that part is totally working… Right now I mean that the whole concept of decorating is still evolving, mainly in my head 🙂 But slowly-slowly, the small ideas are taking physical shape.

Like this easy little heart garland I wanted to make for so long for a door, that is standing in between our living room and the dining room. Watch out, a new tutorial-like post is coming up 🙂


This afternoon I got a very long break from being a Mum, Paddington decided to sleep for almost 4 hours (whooa!), and Cherry was having a little rest, sitting with her Dad in the living room, watching (surprise) My Little Ponies. So after finishing some chores, and before starting to prepare dinner, I decided to make the heart garland at last.

I took out some origami paper, and ended up with  7 pieces of 7 different colours. I mainly went with the blueish-greenish colours, but for a pop I decided to include one piece of dark red paper, as a statement 🙂 Then I folded very simple hearts of them, here is how I did:

(I would like to apologise for the poor quality of the photos – I guess you all know, that good photos require a lot of natural lights, but unfortunately we have just entered this few months of the year, when natural light is going to be a very rare guest in the Scandinavian countries)

The Origami Hearts:

Step 1: Fold your paper of choice in half twice, to make creases along the diagonals, then fold back


Step 2: First fold the upper corner to meet the center. Then fold the bottom corner to meet the top.


Step 3: Fold both sides into the middle, to meet the center line (Hey, it almost looks like a heart already 🙂 )


Step 4: Turn your heart around, then fold in the little corners on the sides and on the top.

Step 5: Turn back around and you will find love 🙂 See? I told you it was going to be easy 🙂

Now I had a bunch of pretty paper hearts in front of me, it was time to make a garland out of them

The Garland:

I placed the hearts next to my sewing machine (well,you don’t really need a sewing machine, you can sew them together with hand) in the order I wanted them to hang, from top to bottom. You might have realised, that this kind of heart is tricky, because it opens up easily in the middle. So instead of just sewing them with simple stitches, I decided to zigzag them along the openings, to make them a little bit more, well, stable. As you can see, the little hearts turned out to be a little bit Frankensteinish this way 🙂 Or, as if they had been broken, then mended, bless them 🙂

So starting with the uppermost heart, I zigzagged along it, then pulled the thread still connected to its bottom for about 10 cms before I started to sew on the next heart. I tried to keep an approximately even distance in between the hearts.

Voila, about 15 minutes after I started to fold the first heart, I had a garland in my hands 🙂 I just needed to hang it on the door, and secure it with some tape.

Cherry said: “Look, mummy! Ohhh, how pretty…” 🙂 She is my best critic 🙂