The Nutcracker

The best Christmas gift I got this year was without doubt a real magical experience from my Mum: She bought tickets (for herself and me) for the ballet performance of The Nutcracker, in the Opera House of Budapest.

This ballet is something she and me wanted to watch basically for ages. But it is very popular (not very surprising) and therefore tickets are extremely hard to get. I remember a few years ago standing in line at the ticket office on the very first day they started to sell tickets to the show, and after hours of waiting I got to know that they were already sold out… This year my Mum used all her connections and somehow got us two tickets, yay! You might wonder why not more, but the male members of our family are not very enthusiastic about opera and ballet…

So one Sunday morning (it was a day-time show, with lot of families coming with their children) we put on our nice dresses and arrived to the beautiful building of the Opera in bright sunshine 🙂

opera from outside


The building is not only beautiful from the outside, but also from the inside. That is why it’s always full of tourists, making photos all over the place. I always feel so proud when see all these people from all over the World wanting to come and see this remarkable place and the amazing shows!

opera inside


The Nutcracker itself was fantastic! Lovely costumes, beautiful set and amazing dancers! And don’t forget the music… It was the most magical thing that happened to me this Christmas, even a week later I am completely under the influence of the show, pictures coming back together with the feeling of amusement, and now I want to be a ballet dancer when I grow up… oh, wait… damn 🙂