Crafting versus working

So far January has not been about crafting at all. As I entered worklife a few weeks ago (finally), and getting more and more important and serious tasks, my time is limited, and my priorities shifted. Ok, not shifted, let us just say shuffled. I am still trying hard to find a balance between all the things that are important to me, and so far the first two weeks of this year has been dedicated to my family, my work, and my volunteer work. Actually I am very proud of myself that I still found the time to go for my runs, twice per a week.

To give you an idea of the very exciting and eventful and therefore quite busy start of the year at the company I work at, here is a little picture of my little creative corner at home:

Pc vs sewing machine

Yes, my work computer moved in for the afternoons and evenings, pushing my sewing machine gently and discretely back at the wall… Poor thing is just standing there, waiting patiently.

I also find the the quotation below very appropriate at the moment:

work life

But don’t you worry, the situation is not that serious, actually I kind of find the new challanges at my work refreshening and exciting. And I also know that they are seasonal, and will pass.

In the meantime I dedicated 3-4 days to Paddington alone. He fell victim of the nasty stomach virus circulating in their daycare. Don’t worry, I will spare you the details 🙂 But it also meant, that the very first winter day of the season found me and the kids at home (I let Cherry stay at home too for a day). We haven’t got much of a winter so far, it has just been a very long autumn really, with temperature above freezing point and boring rain. But the first snow (and winter cold) came on Monday, so we spent some very happy time in the garden with the children and the absolutely bewildered dog.



I also realised at this point that Paddington doesn’t really have a warm winter hat anymore, as he grew so much since last winter. So I took some leftover jersey fabric, the pattern of the elephant hat, and followed my own tutorial (because I can 🙂 ) to make him two new hats. And that was about all the creative activity I did so far this year 🙂

I was somewhat worried that he was not going to like them, because recently he excercises all the willpower of his almost 3-years-old little self, and refuses to wear clothes I am picking for him, and constantly taking his socks and hats off. But surprisingly, he really loved the hats, probably because he witnessed me making them, and he took the striped one, and didn’t even want to take it off inside the house. He just stood in fron of the mirror, petting his little head under the hat, repeating: “my pretty hat, my pretty head”. It is nice to have a boy with some healthy self-confidence 🙂 I also have to mention, that he is equally generous complementing others than himself too, the other day when I was dressed up smart for work, he looked at me and said: “pretty Mummy”. Awww 🙂

5 Years

I hope everyone had a lovely Christmas.

We did, with a lot of gifts, too much food, even more cakes and cookies, and the happiest children on Earth, surrounded by all 4 grandparents. How lucky are they?

27th December. It may be just a boring day between Christmas and New Year’s, but for us it means much more.

We got married on that day, exactly 5 years ago. Time flies 🙂


Little til London

Among all the Christmas preparations we cannot forget New Year’s Eve, which my husband and I are going to spend in London 🙂 I have London on my mind a lot, probably a lot more than Christmas. I am longing for London. And it is of course mainly because of the excitement of visiting this wonderful city again, and all the fun things we will experience there, as the theatre tickets have arrived, and our New Year’s Eve venue booking is confirmed.

But a little voice inside me cannot stop thinking about the 4 full days and nights spent without the children, for the first time in the last 3,5 years. As a dedicated, loving mother, probably I should be full of worry, full of concern, full of guilt. But I am not full of those things. I know the kids will be completely fine and happy with their grandparents – what kid would not be? To be honest, no matter how much I love my children, I cannot wait to spend just a few days without them… I am especially looking forward to that 4 slep-through nights in the nice and quiet hotel room! Even with us will be staying out late, celebrating New Year’s Eve and etc, I am pretty sure I will get much more sleep than I did in the last few weeks…

I don’t really know what’s up with them, usually my kids are very good at sleeping. But not recently. It can be the winter cold and the stuck little noses, but our nights became nightmares for me. First of all, Paddington doesn’t want to fall asleep in the evenings, and when he finally does after much struggle, he wakes up again quite soon, and marches over to our bedroom, to take his place up between his dad and me. Cherry follows him in the early morning hours, positioning herself on my other side. Both of them insist on sharing my blanket. “How does it feel to be the favourite one?” – my husband asks from under his lovely, unshared blanket, with a cruel smile on his face… 🙂 But it is not mainly them coming over and sleeping in the big bed that is disturbing – actually I like it, despite all the kicking and poking it involves. It is what’s between the two of them settling down in  our bedroom. “I am thirsty, I need to pee, I cannot find my pony, my car, my favourite sleeping toy, my pillow, my sleeping socks, I want my socks off-on-off-and on again, I don’t want to sleep, I wanna go downstairs, I am crying and I don’t know why, Mummy, Mummy, Mummy…” – now that’s what is bothering me. As you see, I am not getting too much sleep, and this combined with my work, an upcoming exam, and the very busy pre-Christmas period, makes me a coffee-craving zombie with huge black bags under her eyes…I am not used to this kind of treatment – I want to sleeeeep!

Ahh, London… ahh, lovely, unbothered nights 🙂

In the meantime, I am still receiving every idea of how to  best spend a chilly winter day in London, what is the best place for a snack, for a dinner, for a cup of something, etc. with a lot of gratitude 🙂 Don’t be shy, bombard me with your suggestions 🙂

London on my mind

The First of Advent

Don’t you think it’s absolutely amazing that the first Sunday of Advent was on the 1st December this year? Or is it just me who is an absolute fan of these kind of coincidences?

Also a coincidence, or just good timing from my part, that I was done with my next portion of handmade Christmas-decorations by yesterday:

Star Frames

These lovely crochet stars are the idea of Sandra from Little Golden Nook, which is a beautiful blog. I saw the stars on Pinterest, and followed Sandra’s lovely tutorial to make them. I picked a bag of curtain rings, some yarn of my choice, and some Christmas postcards, and the 10 starts were done surprisingly fast.

let's make frames


I really enjoyed making them. Here they are, bathing in sunshine 🙂


Also, as you can all imagine, we have been very busy with advent preparations all weekend. Actually I have been planning it for quite a long, because the advent calender is something very important in our family. And getting 2 times 24 small, cheap, yet exciting and funny gifts for small kids is a challenge in itself… And then wrapping all of them… Even when I only had to wrap advent gifts for Cherry, I decided that the maximum amount of children in our household is going to be 2. Because there is noone on earth who can handle packing 72 (or more!) tiny little gifts every year, or is there? 🙂

For advent calender we decided to go with the tradition of my husband’s childhood. Every year his parents hung the gifts on a piece of string somewhere in the house, but without numbers on, and he and his sister got to choose one present every morning. And they loved it. So that’s how we do it too. No numbers, but random picking every morning. It has been two mornings so far, and my kids are in absolute trance 😀

Our Advent Calender

Sorry for the poor picture quality, I made the photo late in the evening on Saturday, when I was done with hanging the packages, and obviously there was no natural light at my disposal in our living room 🙂

We also got out our Christams boxes, placed a few elfes, Santas, candles here and there in the house, and made an advent wreath – well, it is just 4 candles in a box with some dried fruits and branches from our garden really, but it is nice.

nisse collage


So, we are ready for the Holiday Season. Is it too much to ask for a little bit of snow as well? 🙂

The season to be… crafty?

I would like to share some family joy with you all: On the 16th of November my beautiful sister-in-law gave birth to a beautiful baby boy 🙂 We obviously all got very happy and excited, and book the ferry tickets for the next Saturday to visit them. The plan was to pick up my mother-in-law on the way there, and spend the day in Copenhagen.

Then, of course, Cherry got the flu 😦 First of all my heart was breaking for her, because I don’t remember her being so sick ever in her little life. My heart was breaking, because it also meant, that there is going to be no baby-visiting for Cherry, and no baby-visiting for her Mum either (that would be me). And I don’t know which one of us was more disappointed about that, the almost 5 years old, who was sooo looking forward to see her new little cousin, or me, who knows that every baby born to family members or friends might be the last chance for me to hold a newborn again in my arms (as we are NOT having more 🙂 ).

Anyway, my husband packed up Paddington last Saturday, picked up his Mum and they sailed over to Sjælland for the visit, while Cherry and I stayed at home.

At this point Cherry was feeling well enough to be bored out of her mind, locked up in the house, but still too sick and contagious to go among other people, so we had to find some activities we can do inside. And then it occured to me: But it is almost advent! So we were going to make some advent/Christmas decorations, hurray 🙂

One thing you have to know about Cherry, that she is obsessed with pearls. She has tons of beads and pearls that she prepares lovely necklaces of, many a day, then she picks her little scissors, cuts the wires, recycles the beads, and starts it all over again 🙂 She also has a huge box of Hama Beads, and sometimes she spends hours sitting on her little chairs, making lovely shapes and figures out of the Hama Beads, then brings them over to me, so I can iron them. So making decorations of Hama Beads was an obvious choice for us 🙂 Cherry made some circles, hearts and other full shapes, and I tried to create some snowflakes.

Hama Snowflakes


At the end we hung them up on some branches, collected from the garden, together with some old Christmas cards we had. I am also thinking about making some more, and including them in the postcards we are going to send out this year, as they are so tiny and light.

Hamas and Cards

Later, while she was resting on the sofa, watching some cartoons, I cuddled up next her warm, little body, and crocheted some cute little starts of different sizes. I found this lovely tutorial (on Pinterest, where else) :).

Crochet Starts

Twinkle-twinkle 🙂



Monday was St. Martin’s day. Another holiday that people usually don’t remember the origins of, but are still looking forward to it, because it means some special, big eating, right… 🙂

In Hungary it means eating goose, but in Denmark it is duck. Since roasted duck is also very usual as a Christmas dish, with potatoes, caramel-potatoes, red cabbage and gravy, it is not unusal for Danes, to celebrate Sankt Mortens Dag (as they call it) with an early Christmas feast. As it happens, that is what we exactly did this year 🙂

I made the complete Danish Christmas menu, and to make it whole, I also prepared the special dessert that goes with it: Risalamande.

Risalamande with cherry sauce

Risalamande is basically chilled rice-porridge, blanded with chopped almonds, vanilla and whipped cream, served with sweet Cherry sauce. Usually on Christmas evening the hostess hides a whole almond piece in the middle of the pudding, she asks a few other people to stir it well, so there could be no cheating (at least that’s what my mother-in-law does), and then she serves it to the family. The one who finds the whole almond in his/her dish, is the winner of a special almond gift 🙂 It’s a little bit like the coin in the British Christmas-pudding, I guess.

Making Risalamande is not very difficult, however it takes its time, especially because of all the cooling.

Here is how it goes:


  • 3dl water
  • 2,5 dl porridge rice (small and round)
  • 1 liter milk
  • 100 g chopped almonds
  • 2 vanilla sticks
  • 4 sp sugar
  • 2,5 dl cream for whipping
  • cherry sauce or other berry sauce for serving

First you will make rice-porridge: Take a heavy-based saucepan, put water and rice in it and boil them together. Once it is boiling, cook it for an additional 2 mts while stirring it constantly. Add the milk and cook it at a low temperature, still stirring, for another 10 mts. Cover it and cook for half an hour more, stir it once in a while. Once it is done, let it cool in the fridge. It is best, if it can rest for a whole day.

preparing risalamande

Bland the cold porridge, the vanilla seeds of the two sticks, sugar and the chopped almonds together. Whip the cream until you get a light foam, and then carefully fold it into the porridge. Set the risalamande in the fridge for another 2 hours before serving.

For serving take some lovely cherry or berry sauce. In Denmark you can buy hundreds of different types of little cartons of cherry sauce from November until January, in any shop.

Enjoy 🙂





We are lucky to have some wonderful forests around us where we can always go for a little walk whenever we feel like to do so.

One of them is the beautiful forest of Frijsenborg, which is a private forest, belonging to the palace in the middle of it, but of course the public can also enjoy the tours in it.

Like many other people, we decided to go for a walk there last Sunday. It was a beautiful, snowy day. We took the kids, a sleigh and the dog with us. Just like other families 🙂 After a few hundred meters in the woods, we quickly realised, we are not the only 2 parents-2 kids-dog-sleigh combo around 🙂

forest walk

But enough of talking, let the pictures tell their stories 🙂






The downwards spiral just before Christmas

There are so many things I wanted to write about lately

Like the huge big snow that fell about two weeks ago, and how nice it was to go out in the garden, all of us, and build a snowman. Then another one in front of our front door, hanging our “welcome” sign on it. But then came a certain puppy, who beheaded the first snowman, and ate its carrot nose… then came a terrible windstorm later that evening, and simply blew away the second snowman…



Then I wanted to do so much, as preparation for Christmas. More cookies, more baking, more handmade Christmas presents for the loved ones…

But of course, our yearly, regular, pre-Christmas sickness had to knock on our door.

Paddington started it. He was suspiciously silent one afternoon, and didn’t even want to eat. That was when I knew for certain, that he was about to get sick. Yep, by the evening he had fever. Luckily these kind of viruses go as quickly as they come, and after 2 days Paddington was healthy and fresh again. But for that 2 days the only thing he could bear was to cuddle with Mummy. I don’t mind cuddling with my babies, it’s the best thing ever, but it also means, that cuddling is prioritized higher than any other plans I made, and also, once Paddington got fresh, I got sick…

Actually I don’t even remember, when was the last time I was so sick. I couldn’t get out of bed for two days, and when I did, I spent the time on the toilet. I didn’t eat, and even fainted once. Paddington’s everyday cold got mixed up with some indigestion from my part, it was no fun, you can believe me. I lost a few kilos in a very short time, and our home, which was left to the care of my husband for these two days, looked like a mess. The kitchen resembled of something that had been savaged by wild animals, and not a single spoon or plate was washed or even moved from the spot it had been used… The children ate frozen french fries my husband baked in the oven, and the other day he ordered pizza for dinner. Man, a mother just simply cannot allow herself to be sick!

The only thing that could lift my spirit a little bit, was the story my mother told me once. My Mum is a high school teacher, and a few years ago a student walked up to her, saying that he has diarrhea… My Mum sent him down to the school secretary, in the hope that she might be able to give the poor fellow some medicine against it (school nurses only have a few hours per week in each school there). Well, the good secretary  was looking and looking for a medicine she could give the student, but couldn’t find any. So by saying: “That is the only thing I could find, use it somehow!”, she handed over a tampax to the slightly shocked boy… I leave it up to your imagination what the good secretary could have been thinking, all I would like to add, is that the boy didn’t use the tampax because he “had no idea what to do with it…” as he later told my Mum. But since then every time someone in our family suffers from diarrhea, I always think about the tampax, and I have to laugh 🙂 (which is not a very good thing, when I am the one suffering from indigestion…)

In the meantime, Cherry got conjunctivitis (and eye-drops against it)… She has an unfortunate tendency to get it. I will never forget the time I was very pregnant with Paddington, and Cherry got sick with conjunctivitis. I had to wipe her beautiful eyes with chamomile tea all the time, because of the yellow mess coming out of them, and she got huge blue marks under the eyes, once the medicine started to work against the bacteria. And then, one night, my water broke. After consulting with the midwife several time during the night, at 6 o’ clock in the morning we decided, it was time for me to go to the hospital. My husband and I went into Cherry’s room, to wake her up, and drop her off at our friends, who promised to take care of her while I am in labor. We walked up to her bed, my husband gently touched her back, she woke up, and instantly started to cry out of terror, her eyes were stuck, she couldn’t open them, she was kneeling in the bed, reaching out blindly with both arms to grab on to her Daddy. We washed her eyes with chamomile tea and gave her the drops, and she was taken good care of at our friends’ place, but I was still crying, feeling so sorry for her, when we entered the delivery room. It was a terrible feeling to know that I left her behind so sick, and I was giving birth to her little brother thinking of this. Poor little baby girl, she looked like someone has punched her in both eyes on all the first pictures taken together with Paddington…

By the time I got better and could crawl out of bed to somehow clean up at least the kitchen, my husband got sick. “It is my turn now” he said (or rather coughed), and covered himself with a blanket, up to his nose. He had a nice few days of some influenza-like sickness. Great.

Needless to say, I kind of gave up on all our cookie dreams, I managed to buy gifts for everyone (much faster than making, I’m afraid), got the dog vaccinated, and now trying to get everything ready for the big Christmas journey. Thursday evening we are leaving for Grenaa, to spent a “Little Christmas” with my husband’s parents, and on the 23rd we are flying to Hungary, to spend the real holidays with mine. I think I’d better go and start another load in the washing machine.

Hope you are all healthy!


The most wonderful month of the year

December, that is. When all the magic is created in anticipation of the peek of the year, Christmas, that leads to boredom, emptiness and apathy in the months of January and February…

But lets not run ahead. December is here and we rejoice 🙂

The weather, here in Denmark, decided to make this December even more magical, and the snow arrived precisely on the 1st of the month. Also, the Christmas celebration has officially started all over the country last Friday, when Santa visited all the towns, and lit the holiday lights on the walking streets and on the huge Christmas trees towns have erected. He must have been very busy last Friday 😉 He arrived to Hammel, to “our big city” of few thousands people, only a few kilometers away from our tiny village, at 5 o’clock in the afternoon, in total darkness, and in a fire engine. He was raised high up, so everyone could see him, then turned on the lights of the 15-meters-high Christmas tree. After that a little procession started on the walking street, following a band, dressed up as elves (nisse in Danish), playing Christmas songs. My kids were flabbergasted by the events 🙂

jul i hammel

Naturally we also made our little preparations for advent. Saturday evening we all sat around our kitchen table full of all the supplies we could possibly need:

raw materials

With the help (or in spite of the help 🙂 ) of a 3 and a half-year old, and a 20-month-old, we created our advent wreath, some other christmasy decorations…

advent plates

and some wreaths to hang on the front door and on the staircase:


And don’t forget the scented candles and Christmas lights, to complete the atmosphere.

So came the morning of the first Sunday of the Advent. My husband went out to shovel some snow, while I was making our usual Sunday-morning treat, heart shaped waffles, this time with a dash of cinnamon in the dough.

advent morning

This Sunday was not only special because of the advent, it was also special, because we went out to chop our Christmas tree! Yes, that is the Danish country-side way 🙂 Growing up in Budapest, the capital of Hungary, for me picking up the Christmas tree actually meant picking it up with my parents at the market place, trying to pick the most symmetric one (or the least crocked one) from the selection. For my husband, who grew up on a farm, in the middle of a forest, picking up the Christmas tree meant that my father-in-law took him and his sister by the hand, walked into their forest, chose a pine tree, chopped it, and dragged it home. I think we can all feel the difference in the degree of romance and magic of these two kind of traditions 🙂 We would like to give our kids the most magic possible this time of the year, so, just like last year, we decided to chop our own tree. Obviously, since we don’t own a forest, we cannot just walk in one of them and chop someone else’s tree. But luckily there are many pine tree plantations around, where you can just walk in, they provide you with a saw, show you which trees you can choose from, you pick your own, chop it, pay for it (some ridiculously cheap price) and leave.

So we found one of these plantations nearby, and drove in. The owner was not at home when we arrived, but there was a note on the door, and we followed its instructions, grabbed the saw, walked up to the plantation, found the area where you can pick your own tree, and walked around for long minutes in the freezing cold, because Cherry was not very satisfied with the trees. She kept saying that we need to find a girl tree to chop, we cannot choose a boy tree… Anyway, we managed to convince her that we have just found a looot of girl trees, aren’t they beautiful (and they were, haven’t seen so many beautiful, dense, symmetric trees in my life), then we picked one we thought we can fit in the car and our living room, then my husband chopped it and dragged it back to the car. We measured the tree ourselves, left the appropriate amount of money in the postbox, and proudly drove home with our prey 🙂

chopping the tree

There are a lot of differences between the Danish and Hungarian Christmas traditions. I might write about them later, but one of them is the time of setting up and decorating the Christmas trees. In Hungary we leave it to the very last moment, it is usually decorated on the 24th, some families, like mine, do it together for the fun, in other families the parents decorate it secretly, while the kids are asleep, saying that the tree itself is a magical gift.

In Denmark Christmas trees are usually set up somewhat earlier. And since we are not going to spend Christmas itself in our own home, we are going to visit both grandparents, we decided to put it up on the first Sunday of the Advent, so we can enjoy the sight of it long enough.

So we rearranged the furniture a little bit in our sitting room, put the tree in the corner, I brought out the decorations, and we all took part in the process. For me a real Christmas tree is  completely eclectic, it doesn’t follow any trends or colour schemes, my ideal Christmas tree has all kinds of colours and all kinds of textures on it. You can find crystal or golden designer pieces on it (usually hanging somewhere near to the top, far away from the reach of curious dog noses and sticky baby fingers), but also creasy, messy paper  decorations, made by our children. And everything in between 🙂 My husband’s ideal Christmas tree is just like the one Mickey Mouse has in a Disney movie 🙂 So we have about the same concept of it, luckily 🙂 And the kids are just amazed by it, no matter what 🙂 They were also a big help in decorating. Cherry mainly concentrated on the horse shaped decorations, and she made sure they all hang close to each other, since they are close family. Originally she wanted to hang them all on the very same branch, but the poor branch started to fold downwards, and I managed to persuade her to distribute the horses on different branches. However, two of them had to stay together, because they were mum and baby, apparently… 🙂 Paddington instantly found all the car and train shaped decorations, and was happy for the rest of the day, pushing them around the couch, the carpet, and the tree, enthusiastically wrumm-wrumming, while doing so.


So, here it is, our corner before and after the tree:

corner before and after

The tree is standing and is beautiful, we showed it off to all the grandparents (thanks to Skype), and our biggest challenge is to prevent the kids from hurting it or hurting themselves with it. Also, the first dog vs. tree meeting was very exciting too… let me just say this: No-one under the height of 1 meter is allowed to be in the same room as the tree, without adult supervision 🙂

There is nothing left for this post than to welcome you all to our advent, and wish you a very nice, stress-free preparation  for Christmas! ‘Cause remember: it is all about coziness now!

welcome to our advent





Early Winter Adventures

I don’t know why, but my brother and his girlfriend keep coming to Denmark in November, which is probably the most boring and unattractive month of the year. Ok, probably not, because you get a nice feeling from all the Christmas preparations, January and February are much more boring. But seriously, nature has not much to offer at this time of the year, and the weather is not too friendly either. I keep telling them, that they should visit us in the spring or summer, but in vain…

Anyway, we always try to get the maximum out of their visits, so we tried our best this time too. Apart from a lot of playing and feeling cozy inside, we went for quite a few adventures with them.

First things first, we had to go to Aarhus. Aarhus is the city where we used to live until July. My husband and I used to study here, we lived in the same dorm, then moved together, had two kids in Aarhus, so we really love this town. But being the second largest city in Denmark (with its 300 000 inhabitants!!!! 😀 ), and a university town, the house prices were just too high for us, so we decided to set root 30 minutes away from there. But we still keep going there, because of the nice shopping possibilities. Our visitors always ask for 1 or 2 trips to downtown Aarhus, to raid their favourite shops. Well, they are my favourite shops as well 🙂 One of them is Søstrene Grene, and the other one is Tiger. Both  chains are a heaven of cute, small and cheap little things, especially before Christmas. I am not going to reveal (to you, or to my husband) the amount of money I’ve spent in those two shops during the last few years, because one just cannot resist all the cuteness and all the ideas…  My brother and his girlfriend also had some problems at the end of their visit, when they were trying to fit all their new stuff in the suitcase… 🙂

While there were here, we also ceased the possibility, and visited the local Christmas market, that was held on Saturday. It was held in the assembly building of the village, it was crowded from all the people, most of them already familiar to us, and had a few stalls offering amazing products from the crafty people of the area. Who knows, probably next year I’m gonna be one of them… 😉 The first person we bumped into was Cherry’s little friend from preschool, Jonathan, and a few minutes later they disappeared together under a table…

If we were already out and going, we decided to give a little sightseeing tour to my brother and gf, around our village. Well, it is a nice place, but the tour didn’t take long 🙂 We took a look at the church, then the football pitch, and walked home, passing by some cows and horses, that are standard equipment in every second household in the village 🙂 I am sure that our visitors, who happened to see Copenhagen the day before, were impressed by what they saw 🙂

The day after I took them for a little tour in the forest. I had this nice idea of packing the kids up in a pair of strollers, getting some blankets, some food, and present a little picnic at our favourite lookout spot. The kids created a nice atmosphere for the walk, by screaming from the top of their lunges at the first part of the tour, but later Cherry cheered up when we covered her with a few blankets, and she played that she is the little mole, sitting in her little mole car, and ordered my brother to push the stroller faster and faster. Paddington simply fell asleep after a while. We had our picnic with biscuits, some fruit, and hot chai latte, but it was so freezing cold there, that we wrapped it up quite quickly 🙂

The week passed fast, and yesterday I drove them back to the airport in Billund. They wanted to go and see the town of Billund, so we did, in spite of my husband’s warning, that there is simply nothing in downtown Billund. He was right. Billund has an airport, has a holiday center, and most importantly, this is where Legoland is located, and it attracts a lot of visitors. But the town itself has nothing to offer. Empty, boring streets, not even a nice church, no old buildings, or cute little passages, nothing. Well, we all know it now 🙂

The only thing we found interesting, was the windows of the Lego Inspiration House, where they put to display the development of Lego through the decades. It was funny to see, how much it has changed since the beginning.

Thanks to our little trip to “downtown” Billund, we almost got to the airport too late, but my brother and gf made it, and were home in Budapest a few hours later. See you at Christmas, guys 🙂