I know this is a hobby/crafting/baking blog mainly, but the last two weeks were just so very intense and world-changing in my life (not leaving time for crafting or baking), that this post is going to be a little bit different, it is going to be personal.

Lets go in chronological order, exactly 16 days ago Cherry fell a bit ill, obviously I got it too, and the virus that caused slight fever in her case, developed a serious case of stomach flu in my body, with days of fever, diarrhea, throwing up, and other very lovely details. I couldn’t even keep water or pills in my body. A few days of this and I lost 5 kilos, got dehydrated and one nice evening I was driven to the nearest hospital by an ambulance, while my babies stood at the doorstep in their pajamas, waving goodbye…

These few days left my husband alone with the two children, and since he is usually very busy at work, and I am at home anyways, he is not very used to do stuff at home. He is a very dedicated, loving father, but packing lunchboxes for the kids, or finding matching, clean clothes for them was a serious challenge for him. He did his very best when it came to cleaning, but still, the house looked a mess and dirty.

My Mum got so worried when she heard the news about me being in the hospital, that she took the first flight to Denmark, stayed for a week, and even though I was released from the hospital after quite a short time, she took care of me, the kids, and the whole house. What would I have done without her?

After I somewhat got back to my feet, it was time for my husband and me to go on our big job-related meeting. You see, I met my husband while studying for my Masters in finance and business, we were in the same study group. After graduation he got this killer job at a big international accounting company(one of the big fours), while I was pregnant with our daughter. Obviously being pregnant or having a newborn is not the most ideal position for a newly graduated young woman, and even though I returned to some extra studies while she was small and I was having our second baby, all of a sudden a few years went by without me gaining any kind of relevant job experience. Plus, I am still a foreigner in this country. This summer it has been 5 years since the graduation, and by that time I have spent 1,5 years with looking for jobs. And very intensely, as a matter of fact. They say that you have to send 100 applications to get 10 interviews, and out of that 10 interviews you are going to get 1 job offer. And there I was, around 130-140 applications sent, and not even a single interview… This autumn I eventually managed to get an interview for a dream-job (to be honest I was shocked with surprise when they wanted to see me), but finally it was not me they chose for the position.

So my husband started to pull some strings. 5 years in the business, and he has quite a network in his field. In fact he was offered a job earlier this year from one of his old colleagues, but he refused it, saying that we, as a family are not in a situation where he can simply give up his safe and secure job for something more risky and not that much more yielding. So lately he was contacted again by the same company with a better offer, plus, they also mentioned my possible employment as well, to help me get back to the job market… That did the work, and last Tuesday both of us signed our contracts, starting from next January. In the meantime an opportunity of a trainee position emerged for me, so actually I started my training period last friday, 1st November, as an accounting consultant 🙂

All of a sudden I transformed from a stay-at-home to a working Mum, waking up early, rushing the kids through the morning processes, quickly preparing lunchboxes, taking care of the dog, driving half an hour to work, try to comprehend all the new things I need to learn, rushing back home, feeding them, rushing through the housework, getting dizzy by the end of the day and falling to bed much earlier than I used to 🙂  (tell me, it is going to get better, once we find a new routine… ) It is a whole different set-up, especially that I am still fighting some viruses. My husband is also very happy about my job, but secretly longing for the good-old days when I had the time to take care of most of the things 😉 From that point of view my hospital-stay was a very well timed eye-opener for him, when he made such fantastic realisations as: 1. Cleaning up after the kids takes a lot of time, 2. Doing the groceries is very expensive… welcome to the real world, honey 🙂