Happy Birthday To Her!

The day that changed everything: 4 years ago today, when Cherry was born.

Baby Cherry

Start of a new era, start of a new time : parenthood. Some say there was life before that day, but I don’t really remember. How did I spend the first 26 years of my life? – Mystery…

And when did this tiny little baby become the big, beautiful, clever, cheeky girl who blew the four candles today on her birthday cake? – No idea…


Happy birthday my little squirrel, I love you 🙂

A little birthday-trip to Copenhagen

My husband’s sister has an amazing little daughter, and guess what, she’s just turned 2 yesterday! (Happy Birthday, darling!)

So Sunday we packed our car with gifts, outgrown clothes of my daughter, some snacks, extra baby clothes, rain-clothes, extra diapers, extra underwear, a water bowl for the dog, etc, etc, basically everything you can imagine that could be useful for a day-trip with two kids and a puppy, and set out towards Copenhagen, where my sister-in-laws family lives.

It takes about 3.5 hours to get there from our home, and it all went fine, luckily the puppy is very good at driving in the car, though, sometimes she farted quite shockingly (“Smell it, Mummy, someone pooped!!!” – well, no darling, but almost). And we were entertained by our son of 19 months, almost all the way long, who always has to sing along with whatever song is played in the radio 🙂 He is very cute, but at a certain Bryan Adams song he reminded me very much of the seagull in The Little Mermaid movie (you know “someone should find that poor animal and put it out of its misery”) 😀

When we arrived, my husband’s sister was waiting for us with some home-made bread and other nice stuff for lunch, and also later on, we were pampered with her baking, freshly made cinnamon rolls, funny, animal shaped cookies (yes, horses for my daughter), and an amazing shepherds’ pie for dinner, which turned out to be the perfect comfort food, in the cold, rainy, dark weather.

It is always nice to see the kids playing together, they are so lucky that they are close in age: all the three of them were born within 23 months. But yes, this early age also means, that they tend to have some conflicts about toys, all of them being in the “it’s mine” era (by the way, does this era ever come to an end?) The funniest part of the day was, when the gift we had brought with us for my niece, got opened. Like hungry predators on the prey, the three kids jumped on the box at the same time, and started to open it, while poor birthday-child kept repeating desperately: it’s mine! it’s mine! …

Luckily they got a bit calmer later, and showed some signs of sharing and playing together, resulting in the fact, that none of my children wanted to come home with us at the end of the day … 🙂 I remember this from my own childhood 🙂

I don’t blame them, we had a very nice day in Copenhagen, too bad, that we don’t live a little bit closer to each other 😦