Shop Opening

The time has come, my darlings, I have opened my shop 🙂

I have been working on my Etsy account very diligently, and after listing my first 11 items, I am now officially open, hurray 🙂 Let’s all prop some virtual champagne for the occasion, shall we?

Right now I only have children pants for sale, but I will keep you updated about everything new, wether you are interested or not 😛

I am very excited, a little bit proud and a tiny bit scared at the same time, and I am very-very curious if anyone ever going to buy anything from me… ha, that’s the spirit 🙂

But anyway, if you have kids, grandchildren, if your best friend has kids, grandchildren, or if you are just interested in my new little shop, check it out!

Ballon pants for my kids

When it comes to dressing my children, my first priority is that the clothes are practical and comfy. They are at the age of 4 and 2, they should have clothes on that allow them to crawl, to jump, to roll on the floor, to climb upstairs, to tickle each other (an the parents… and vica versa), to paint, to glue, to cook, to go outside and play catch-me-if-you can, to fight with the dog over food…

But I also like to dress them cute and stylish. In funy colours, with fun patterns, in clothes that are a bit unique and not everyone has them in the kindergarden.

When I shop for them, I mainly do it in H&M, because I find that it is good quality for good price, and also looks very nice. But last week, when I went to one these shops to find some new pants for Cherry (she seemed to grow out of all her trousers just overnight), I was a little bit disappointed. All the trousers offered for her age and size were the skinny style jeans, in different colours, or leggings. I didn’t want to buy her more leggings, she needs something a little bit more warm, and I am definately not going to buy her skinny jeans, because they are a pain to put on her, they are pushing her belly when playing in them and don’t allow free movements. Even I find skinny jeans a bit uncomfortable, and believe me, it is very rare that I am climbing over low fences or under small bushes in my free time, holding some plushies under my one arm and some sticks in my other hand… I understand that skinny jeans are in fashion, but for girls aged 2-8 years? No,thank you.

So I came home, and turned to my good-old pattern of balloon pants. You might remember, that I purchased some gorgeous fabric from Spoonflower recently. Well, when I was washing and hanging the fabric, Cherry saw them and immediately expressed her desire to have something made for her of the fabric with the dog cameos on. And Paddington did the same, repeating his favourite word, cars cars cars (so far that is the only word he says in both of his languages), pointing at the cute blue fabric with cars, buses, trucks and tractors on. So the choice of fabric was kind of clear 🙂


Here are Cherry’s new balloon pants, with dog faces on them, nice and comfy, wide and warm around the legs, and with some soft jersey fabric at the waist, which is my favourite part in the whole pattern, because no matter how much she fiddles around in the pants, her little waist is never gonna get uncovered and exposed to the cold.


And here are Paddington’s, I don’t even remember how I managed to finish them, because he was always next to me when I was working with the fabric, petting it, and pointing out the figures on it, repeating cars cars cars and tractor tractor tractor like a broken record 🙂 He didn’t even want to let the pants out of his sight for the little time I was trying to make a picture of them, notice Paddington’s little fat feetsies next to them on the picture 🙂 2 seconds later he snatched the pants from the floor and started to run around with them in the room…



I love to sew balloon pants

Yes, it is true. I love to sew, in general, but sewing balloon pants is my favourite of all 🙂

Actually, balloon pants are the reason I wanted to learn sewing. Because the world is full of cute fabrics for kids, and what do cute fabrics fit better on, than balloon pants?

So when I found this irresistible brown fabric with cars, and the sweet birdie-flowerish-striped-kind of fabric, I knew, what was going to happen. I took the pattern from Minikrea, and made these:


I was very proud of the result, as these two pair of trousers were my very first sewing projects. Even my husband got a little bit surprised, saying: “they look like the ones you buy in the shop!” (always the tone of surprise… 🙂 ).

So I got bloodthirsty: I wanted to make more and more and more and more balloon pants! And I did, I took the cute owl-patterned fabrics, the boy and the girl version of them, I even paid attention to the details, and used an also owlish fabric for lining. The result:


And to include a life-situation photo with a real model, here is some pictures of my son, posing in the owl pants, and wearing the fluffiest bearish knitted vest, made by my Mum (I wish I could knit like her, she is so talented). Our model represents a sporty-elegant style 🙂


Finally, I would like to say thank you to my photo assistant, Miss Laika Troublemaker (yes, she is sitting on top of me on this picture) for her efforts: